Green Wet Cleaning

Our new energy efficient wet cleaning process gives the same powerful
cleaning results as traditional dry cleaning services without the use
of potentially toxic chemicals. The wet
cleaning process uses computerized washers
and dryers, specially formulated biodegradable detergents and specialized finishing equipment to wash, dry and press clothes. Because the washer and dryer are computerized, we can customize each wet load wash for the fabrics being cleaned by adjusting water and drying temperatures; water and detergent volume; and moisture levels in the dryer.

Not only is wet cleaning environmentally friendly, but it also produces superior cleaning results:

  • Wet cleaning is more efficient with water soluble stains such as salt, starch, drinks, milk, and food.
  • With wet cleaning, white garments come out brighter.
  • Wet cleaning leaves clothes with a fresh, pleasant smell.
  • Increased energy efficiency allows us to maintain pricing despite rising energy costs.

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